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Multimedia Specialists


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Creative Industrial Designer

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Updated by BoltonJobsPH | 03/10/2017

Our Australian partner is looking for an awesome Creative Industrial Designer like yourself to explore, understand and visualize the manufacturing and designing industry and to pitch and brainstorm ideas for building creative kiosks in malls. Apply now and be part of our growing team!

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Creative Director

Ready to tap into your artistic side and get those creative juices flowing? Willing to go the distance and help your client relate to pop culture trends as well as understand the more traditional art scene? Then we just might have the position for you!

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Whether you prefer 2D or 3D animation, you're a master at creating well-rendered results with models, backgrounds, and objects based exactly on a given storyline and set of specifications. You can also be very particular about the timing and pace of each element's movements to sync with the chosen audio. Expand your animation portfolio with us – apply now!

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Video Editor

Raw video footage can only do so much to send specific messages. A video editor is needed to carefully mold it into a more cohesive reel, complete with the right dialogue, music, and SFX in the right scenes. He or she can also piece together different angles of the same scene and then rearrange parts to make sure each individual cut is fluid and seamless using the right software.

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Graphic Designer

Whether you choose Photoshop, Illustrator, 3Ds Max, or Quark Xpress as your favourite imaging tool, if you've got the skills to turn any concept into effective illustrations for your company's sales or marketing efforts, we're looking for you! Ready your portfolio and apply for a spot in our Fort office today!

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UI/UX Designer

Can you design, conceptualize, and provide solutions for a range of creative product briefs? Are you great at developing mock ups and prototype UI layouts according to wireframe specifications? If so, then you may be the UI/UX designer we’re looking for. Apply today and be part of our growing team.

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Rich Media Ad Designer

If you can create ads that work great with editorial content, effectively earn consumer attention, assure contact with the right target market, and get people talking, then you'd be a great fit for the Rich Media ad roles our clients are looking for. Fill out that form and secure an interview.

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