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“…Compared to my previous job, Bolton’s setup gives me more control over my workload. I can set more realistic expectations for myself and the brand I work for…” – Ryan C.


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Do you have a knack for the written word? Can you craft captivating sentences and yet make sure they're short and sweet, as well? Apply with us now if you think you can fill this role!

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Blog Editor

Most of the time, unedited blog entries consist of three things: bad flow, unnecessary fluff, and extremely long sentences. As a blog editor, you can go through other people's volumes and turn them into easy-to-read, informative online articles – complete with periods in the right places! Ready to track changes? Apply today!

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Journalistic Editor

Editing news articles and other journalistic pieces require a different approach compared to other editing jobs. Factual accuracy, a clear tone, and the right citations have to be present not only to ensure quality pieces for readers, but also to protect the author from being charged with libel. Is the role right up your alley? Then better brush up on your AP or MLA, and apply now!

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