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Digital Marketers


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“…At Bolton, I'm more independent with my work, and don't feel pressured by the micromanagement that usually happens in other BPOs…” – Jehan I.

Marketing Specialist

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Updated by BoltonJobsPH | 03/10/2017

Our US partner is looking for an awesome Marketing Specialist like yourself to keep the company’s social media accounts alive and updated with the latest trends in the market and ensure that creative and engaging email campaigns reach its clients. If you're fit for the role, then don't hesitate to apply with us now!

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Digital Marketing Specialist

Updated by BoltonJobPH

The digital world is a whole different marketing animal than it was five years ago. Do you have the skills and the techniques to tame it? Apply with us now!

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Social Media Campaign Specialist

Updated by BoltonJobsPH

Social media is the new name of the sales game. Are you able to tap into the potential of your Facebook page? Can you convert LinkedIn invites to closed sales? Here's your chance to prove your mettle!

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Marketing Professional

Are you determined to make your client known far and wide? Are you capable of reaching even the most passive of markets in both digital and physical spaces? Then apply with us now to test your mettle and jumpstart your career!

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PPC Specialist

The kind of PPC specialists we're looking for are those who think outside the box; you have to always be looking for new ways to market a brand online. You also have to be good at math, considering the many numerical trends you will encounter and analyze in the job. Of course, acronyms like ROI, CPC, and CTR must be part of your daily vocabulary.

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SEO Specialist

Do you make it a point to always check how Google makes the lives of writers, bloggers, and site owners harder after every update? Are pandas, penguins, and hummingbirds more than just zoo animals to you? If so, then we need your SEO skills.

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Social Media Specialist

As an SM specialist, you know that Social Media is more than just posting status updates, commenting on photos, and sharing memes. It's a brand's secret weapon that, with proper wielding, will not only make a company look good to the public, but also increase its profitability. If you agree with this, then you're a perfect fit. Content writing experience is a big plus! Send your resume today!

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