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Content Writer

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From lifestyle pieces to medical blogs to sports stories, you're the type of writer who can write about any topic and sound like an expert in any particular field. You can write website content that gets a company's target audience captivated by providing information that not only promotes certain products or services, but makes sure that they click the "Buy" button after reading. Is this you?

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Manuscript Writer

When it comes to IT-related topics, you're the go-to person who can explain technical jargon to the common user without breaking a sweat. You're also very good at creating training content for the different types of software your company uses you might as well teach courses about them. If you think you're this person, let's get you a job!

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Training Course Writer

Writing articles that sell is one thing, but writing ones that instruct and educate is a different story. We're looking for talented wordsmiths who can write and map course materials that can be used for varying educational efforts; whether it's for an online e-learning course, actual schools, or an educational workshop. Having mad PowerPoint skills is a definite plus!

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Transcript Writer

For most people, transcribing audio and video recordings is no walk in the park – but not for you. Talented transcript writers like yourself can easily listen, analyze, and dissect speeches, lectures, and recorded presentations into readable material. Of course, knowing where to put the periods, commas, and semi-colons is a definite must for this role. Check out our available jobs by applying today.

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Technical Writer

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Having a good understanding of the products they describe is one of the greatest assets of an effective technical writer. We're looking for talented people who has the ability tp create, assimilate, and convey technical material in a concise and effective manner.

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