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ETL Developers Wanted

If you've got strong experience with ETL tools, and love working with big data, then this one's worth checking out! Apply today! Read More

  • Researchers

    Research is essential in any company pipeline. Quality and quantity are vital here as the leads you generate may turn out to be the next big sale! If you've got your game on for leads generation and verification, look no further!

  • Software Developers

    Consider yourself a wizard when it comes to Java, .NET, and other programming languages? If you do, then we may have the right jobs that will maximize your potential and help you grow as a programmer.

  • Digital Marketers

    Someone who knows the internet inside out and how it can work to a brand's advantage is what a lot of small businesses and start-ups are looking for these days. Are you one of them?

  • Editors/Proofreaders

    Even the best writers produce the most unlikely mistakes in their first few drafts, and you, as an editor or proof-reader, know this by heart. Whether for online copy or journalistic publications, we’ve got openings that need your keen eye.

  • Writers

    Creativity, a good grasp of the English language, and the ability to adapt to various writing styles are three things a writer must have to excel in the online publishing scene. Got all three? We've got an open position for you.

  • Multimedia Specialists

    We're looking for creative individuals who can easily transform ideas into actual graphics that will define a brand's identity. Whether your strength is video editing, graphic design, or web pages, we're looking for you!

  • Sales Representatives

    Being in sales requires patience and the ability to make hardsell phrases sound like good music. Whether inbound or outbound sales is your forte, if you love convincing people you can offer exactly what they need, send us your resume.

  • Customer Support Specialists

    Customer support staff are the go-to guys who can answer all kinds of questions, whether it involves computer errors or simple pricing inquiries. They can do this on the phone, through chat, or through email. Is this is you?

  • Office Administrators

    Back office support staff such as bookkeepers, accountants, and personal assistants are essential in keeping a business organized and running like clockwork. Think you have the skills to be a remote version of these roles? Check our JDs to find out.

Looking for Your Job? We Have Lots More!

Do you have skills that aren’t listed above? Contact us and we'll help you join our team. Examples of such roles include: Paralegals, encoders, and medical representatives. If we can help you, we will.

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About Bolton International

About Bolton International

Bolton International is where you, the experienced, smart, and talented professional, can grow your career to the next level, gain direct exposure to international companies, and operate in a truly global work environment.

With headquarters in the U.S. and Singapore, and clients in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Australia, we operate with one thing in mind: we are talented professionals working at a global level with global standards.

You Don't Need a Plane Ticket to Work Internationally

You Don't Need a Plane Ticket to Work Internationally

For most people, growing their careers means gaining international exposure by working for foreign companies. Most of the time, this means leaving the country. But what if we say that flying out of the Philippines isn’t even necessary to improve your career path? This is where we come in.

Easily work with teams from the following places:

  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Sydney
  • Denmark
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
Think Better. Think Different.

Think Better. Think Different.

Most people think we're just like any other BPO... We're not. We're all about direct contact. Unlike most outsourcing firms that keep you from interacting with your boss through some middleman, we challenge traditional BPO structures by making sure nothing stands between you and your client.

Even better, we provide you with awesome support teams to get the job done.

Earn Extra for Being Well Connected

Earn Extra for Being Well Connected

Candidate Referral Program. Benefit and help your friends and relatives get jobs through us. Want to know how it works?

Simply email us at with your referrals' resumes and we'll let you know how you will be rewarded.

Bolton International Supports the United Nations Global Compact

Bolton International Supports the United Nations Global Compact

This major United Nations initiative was established to encourage businesses worldwide to make sure their operations, products, and services adhere to sustainable and socially responsible policies that are anti-corruption and protect human rights, labor laws, and the environment. Click the logo to read more.

Life as a Bolton Employee

Life as a Bolton Employee

Curious as to how your life and career will be once you become part of our team? Check out our Facebook page and find a glimpse of life in a Bolton Talent Center and other interesting topics about being a Bolton employee.

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